What are the odds?

Wu-Tang Clan’s business plan for Once Upon a Time in Shaolin was genius. In an era where most artists try to increase distribution because revenue per listener seems to be falling, Wu-Tang aimed for the other end of the spectrum. The Clan’s plan was to sell one and only one copy of the album to the highest bidder, and recently it was announced that they had succeeded! But there was one, tiny flaw in the plan… what if the sole buyer turned out to be a monster and the profits were effectively forced to be donated?

Unfortunately, it seems that their buyer is one of the remarkably few people in the world sinister enough for this to be the case. Seriously, it’s hard to think of one person as universally hated as Martin Shkreli. Even Donald Trump has supporters; maybe the leaders of Westboro Baptist Church? One thing is clear though, the chances of such a disreputable buyer were slim a priori. We’re talking Death Star trench run odds here. And in fact, Shkreli’s misdeeds didn’t hit the news until the sale was being finalized. But once he revealed that he was the buyer, Wu-Tang’s destiny was sealed.

It’s a bit unsettling that Wu-Tang’s unconventional sales plan is mirrored by Shkreli’s heartless decision to increase the price of Daraprim, a drug on which his company has a monopoly, by 5500%. Both buyer and seller are in the business of price gouging. It’s as if pathological thinking attracts more pathological thinking. Now if only Shkreli tries to redeem himself by releasing the album to the public for free…

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