This blog is a personal journal of my thoughts on a number of topics, including current events, culture, politics, science, history, economics and (occasionally) bears. But I’d rather not reveal my personal identity at the moment, and for those readers that know me IRL please keep the privacy thing going in the comments as well.

Probably the thing that bugs me the most about what I see, hear and read around me is a lack of context and perspective in the popular conversation. It’s the main reason I am starting this blog. I am not saying all my posts will be original ideas (I will to cite as accurately as I know), but they won’t be widely known. That’s the point, I want to raise the status of ideas and viewpoints I think are important. And ‘important’ does not imply I side with them, but I feel that they should compel readers either to change their opinions or strengthen their beliefs to deal with what I am talking about.

Another reason I want to do this blog is to keep a record of my thoughts and predictions at points throughout my life. Hopefully I will grow as a write and perhaps inspire others to help me grow. I’ve noticed a good readership can make a great blog or site so much better, so please leave comments and email me if you want to make a suggestion or contribute to content.